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A Sand Dollar's Breakfast Is Totally Metal

KQED Deep Look, October 9, 2018

Their skeletons are prized by beachcombers, but sand dollars look way different in their lives beneath the waves. See the accompanying writeup here and a special behind the scenes making-of here.


California’s Plan for Underground Water Storage Will Increase Chromium Risk

KQED Science News, September 19, 2018

As California begins handing out state funds for several new water management projects, a shift is taking place in the ways officials are considering storing water. Some of these new strategies rely on underground aquifers — an approach which makes us vulnerable to groundwater contamination.


This Adorable Sea Slug Is a Sneaky Little Thief

KQED Deep Look, August 28, 2018

Nudibranchs may look cute, squishy and defenseless ... but watch out. These brightly-colored sea slugs aren't above stealing weapons from their prey. 


Bird Species Collapse in the Mojave, Driven by Climate Change

KQED Science News, August 15, 2018

Bird populations in the Mojave are plummeting for lack of water, in an imbalance driven by climate change. A new study from UC Berkeley study finds shrinking rainfall has led to the loss of more then 40 percent of bird species, in a habitat that relies heavily on birds for basic ecological functions. See accompanying radio piece here.


A Sea Urchin Army Is Mowing Down California's Kelp Forests -- But Why?

KQED Science News, July 19, 2018

Kelp forests are the marine mirror images to the towering redwoods onshore, the scaffolding that supports the image of the classic northern California coastline. But these oceanic forests are currently under siege from a potent mix of climate anomalies, disease, and predation that have led to declines in kelp forests not seen in decades.



KQED Deep Look

“Behind the Scenes With Deep Look: Sand Dollars”
October 9, 2018

We follow the team on their quest to film the secret lives of sand dollars. Visit both land and sea to get a good look at them up close, and see some of the production techniques along the way.


One Chick Travels

“What’s On My Dash?”
October 4, 2018

We talk about Flamingos, expensive ferry rides, how to tell if a child is smoking a real cigarette or a candy one (both are wrong), & the fact that Kaya doesn’t understand where babies come from.


One Chick Travels

“Canyoneering the Subway – Zion National Park”
September 19, 2017

My friend Kaya runs a successful social media company and shares her travels living the #vanlife. When I have a moment to sneak away, she and I like to go adventuring. 

Stanford Center for Ocean Solutions

“Exploring Food Security and Fisheries Sustainability in Palau”
March 27, 2018

MLML Blog, Microcosms

As part of an advanced topics course in Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM), we helped compile a visual compendium of source images across many topics. I covered a series of posts regarding invertebrates.

December 12, 2016

“Sea-Urchin’ For Detail at a Micro Level”
November 2, 2016

“Sponges and Spicules”
September 28, 2016

“Foraminifera and Coccolithophores”
September 21, 2016

“Common Housefly”
September 7, 2016