Animal Husbandry Experience

I have a combined total of about 8 years working in invertebrate husbandry. Please see below for a list of my affiliations.


Moss landing marine labs

As part of my duties in the Invertebrate Molecular Ecology lab, I have helped collect and maintain a small assemblage of local invertebrates for education and outreach purposes, including graduate classes at the lab as well as our annual Open House, where have have a touch table to visitors.

Monterey Bay Aquarium

I was an animal husbandry technician in the Drifters Gallery, the Aquarium's collection of Monterey Bay jellies and comb jellies. My duties included daily feedings, cleaning tanks, maintaining active cultures, and assisting on field collecting trips to help populate the exhibits. 



long marine laboratory

My first real job in marine science was working in an invertebrate reproductive ecology lab. In that capacity, I helped to maintain collections of common California rocky-intertidal and subtidal species, including stars, urchins, corals, mussels, and more. I also managed the common-use teaching lab, including maintancnece of the many animals used in UCSC upper division courses.