I am a Marine Science Masters student at Moss Landing Marine Labs and freelance science communicator living in Santa Cruz, California. With a foot planted firmly in both academia and journalism, I believe there is a place for people like me who enjoy telling engaging stories while also contributing to scientific progress. 

While I am primarily interested in stories covering the environmental sciences, I enjoy the jack-of-all-trades aspect of freelancing that allows me to learn new things with each new piece. I also appreciate the breadth of the human experience that is intimately linked with our connection to the natural world. Environmental issues are social issues, and the right narrative can make any subject approachable and inspiring.

If you can believe it, I don't have a ton of free time, but outside of my work I enjoy rock climbing, hiking, weekend-warrioring, driving around in old cars, reading, baking, and talking about nudibranchs. Feel free to find me on social media (see the footer of this page) and follow along on the adventures.